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The User Experience at Dundee group is proud to be presenting two pieces of work at the European Academy of Design Conference that is being held in Dundee in April 2019. For more information please see the cards below.

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Inclusive Design for Immersive Spaces

Michael Crabb, Daniel Clarke, Husam Al Waer, Michael Heron, Richard Laing.

Full Paper

It is vital when creating learning environments that attention is paid towards individuals using a given space, activities that they will carry out, and the available equipment that will facilitate this. It is also important that these spaces are created to be inclusive to all and to remove accessibility barriers that are caused by the designed environment. Our aim is to understand how technology can be used to inform design processes for creating educational spaces by collaborating with the primary users of this space: students. This paper is organised in three main sections. Firstly, we identify changes that academics have suggested in how designing for inclusive augmented and virtual-reality environments should be practised. Secondly, we present a workshop entitled Designing for Immersive Spaces. Finally, we discusses the implications of the issues raised and the practical constraints and difficulties of implementing Inclusive Design for Immersive Spaces that is being called for.

Take a GANDER: Gathering Accessibility Needs by Doing Explorative Research

Michael Crabb, Rachel Menzies, Garreth Tigwell, Daniel Clarke, Chris Lim Cara Henderson.

Research Walk

Design is not constrained to physical objects and increasingly the digital can be a source of inspiration for new modalities and techniques that can be used to enhance our perceptions of the world. We interact with technology (e.g. smartphones) on a daily basis whilst traversing the physical environment, but little work has been carried out to examine how the physical world that we live in and the digital world that we inhabit interact with each other. We invite conference attendees to participate in a 2-mile gander (lasting 1 hour) hosted by the UX-d Research Group and invite them to challenge their design thinking by examining how the digital and physical worlds interact with each other.

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A person using a VR headset