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Take a GANDER: Gathering Accessibility Needs by Doing Explorative Research


We live in a world where digital technology and the built environment are traversed by users on a daily basis, with both of these concepts being key to how people experience the world. These concepts are deeply interlinked when travelling through an environment, however very little work has been carried out to examine how design concepts from one of these domains can influence tyhe other.

We invite attendees to EAD2019 to come with us on a lunchtime walk and to Take a Gander. This walk will take just under 1 hour and will allow partipants to discover hidden parts of the University of Dundee campus, whilst also taking part in a research study that examines how we use technology within unfamiliar environments.

Read the research paper at Research Gate

A video depicting the route for our GANDER walk.

In this research walk, we are interested in how technology and the environment work with, and against, each other. In order to understand the relationship between these two worlds participants will be asked to use a variety of information recording devices. This will include:

  • Eye Tracking Glasses (Tobii)
  • Go-Pro Cameras
  • Mobile Device Information Tracking

This data will give valuable insights into the way that people use technology when navigating through an environment and the different ways that this helps or hinders in their experience of environments.

If you would like to take part in this walk then please fill in the consent form by pressing the following button:

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