Accessible Reality

Augmented Reality Interaction Techniques with Accessibility at its Core

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Project Summary

With the increased use of Augmented Reality comes a need to ensure that products and services created for this medium are fully accessible. AR brings a new set of design challenges because of the interaction that must take place between the physical and virtual domains. Very little is known regarding the accessibility challenges that exist when interacting with these two, very different, domains and to what extent virtual interactions can compensate for physical accessibility challenges.

The aim of this research project is to increase the accessibility that exists within AR systems. The objectives are to:

  1. Investigate the accessibility challenges that exist when using Augmented Reality Systems
  2. Explore the commonalities and differences that exist in accessibility challenges between physical objects, virtual applications, and combined physical/virtual applications.
  3. Develop methods for solving accessible augmented reality challenges and develop a strategic framework for future research and design