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The User Experience at Dundee group is proud to be presenting two sessions at UX Scotland 2019 that is being held in the amazing Dynamic Earth Museum in Edinburgh. For more information please see the cards below.

A person using a VR headset

UX with hard-to-reach people in easy-to-reach places

Michael Crabb, Rachel Menzies.

Case Study

When conducting UX testing, there's a tendency to carry out experiments with easy-to-reach people in easy-to-reach places, eg guerilla testing with visitors to a museum. However, it's sometimes necessary to look at the UX for products with population groups that are hard-to-reach, eg older adults or individuals with complex disabilities. Over the last 14 years we’ve been involved in working with hard-to-reach users and have created an easy-to-reach environment where this occurs. In this session, we’re going to discuss the successes and challenges of doing this and look at how you can do the same.

More information is available on the UX Scotland Case Study Page.

Solving problems and making friends using design sprints

Steve Burrows, Rob Ryder-Richardson.


A design sprint is a framework for understanding and solving a problem by testing new ideas - fast! In this fast-but-fun workshop, you will:

  • think about users with customer journey mapping
  • think about content using content modeling and priority guides
  • get creative with ‘Crazy 8’ sketching
  • have your say using sticky dot voting and solution discussions
  • learn about effective prototyping and user testing

More information is available on the UX Scotland Workshop Page.

A person using a VR headset